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General Information


What is the setting of SAGA?

There are two main aspects of game play in SAGA. The first is managing your nation. During nation management you will be able to check the status of your nation, instruct your peasants’ activities, visit the market to trade resources, troops, and spells, and work with your guild to create a powerful empire. The second aspect of game play takes place on the battlefield, where players marshal their units in massive online battles, similar to the LAN or online battles of most RTS games.


What is SAGA?

Saga is a persistent online massively-multiplayer real-time strategy game. Every building you build, troop you buy, and piece of land you conquer remains with you as long as you play the game. That means every time you fight your friends, you won’t have to rebuild your castle from scratch. It also means every time your buildings get damaged or your troops killed, they stay that way unless you repair or resurrect them.

Troops gain experience over time, meaning that they move with you from battle to battle, improving their skills and finding exciting new armor and weapons to equip themselves with.


What is a persistent world?

SAGA is set in a persistent world. A persistent world is one where your actions today influence what you can do tomorrow. Unlike many RTS games where you begin fresh each game, SAGA does not end when you log off. Your kingdom remains in the world of SAGA waiting for you to return.

Account & Cards


How can I create a free account?

Account creation in SAGA is simple. From the SAGA website, click the ‘Join Now’ button. After filling out your information, you will be presented with download links. Once you’ve installed SAGA, you can login and start playing with your free account. Registered accounts have many added features. To check them out, see ‘Account Registration’.


Does SAGA have subscription fees?

No. SAGA has absolutely no subscription fees.


How can I get more troops or spells?

Players are required to buy their troops in booster packs. These troops remain a player’s permanent property, but can be traded with other players for different troops. Troops become more powerful as you use them, gaining experience, new weapons and armor over time. Players can customize their armies to their nation type, drawing from over 150 different troop and spell types to find the combination that works best for them.


What are SAGA Credits?

SAGA Credits are the premium in game currency. Credits are used to purchase Booster Packs, Heroes, Items, and various other add-ons for SAGA.


How much is (troop/spell) worth?

We don’t determine values of cards directly. If you want a good idea of what something is worth, watch it in the market for a while.


Am I allowed to have more than one nation?

Within your account you are able to create up to five nations. Cards can be assigned to any of your nations. But keep in mind, a card that has been assigned to nation A won’t be available for any other nation at the same time. You have either to delete a nation or disband active troops from your army roster in order to have this specific card available for other nations again.


Why I can’t delete a created nation?

After creating a new nation you will have to wait at least 7 days to proceed deleting the respective nation.


Which kind of troops and spells can I use?

Every faction has exclusive troops and spells that cannot be used by any of the other factions. All factions also have access to ‘neutral’ troops and spells, consisting mostly of human warriors and siege weapons.



I can click on a quest, but why can’t I accept it?

Some quests have pre-requisites. If a quest is not available for you to accept, it is either part of a chain (a series of quests that must be completed in order) or it has another requirement (paying money or having already beaten a certain number of quests).


I think I finished a quest, but there’s no portal!

Different quests have different requirements. Your best bet is to read the Quest Objectives and to follow them. If you’ve followed them, and the screen has no enemy units and you’ve collected all treasure chests, then try marching your troops around the map. There are times where players may have missed triggering an event (such as bandits jumping out of the bushes when you get too close). Some events cannot be triggered by flying units, and flying units can’t collect treasure chests.

If all else fails, surrender the quest and please post about it in the appropriate topic of the Quests forum and we will fix it as soon as possible. Please report quests that you were able to finish but have similar problems as well.


What are the advantages of leveling up?

As you gain levels, you will be able to command more armies at the same time and your armies will be able to use more powerful items.


Is there a limit to how high I can level up?

At present, a nation can reach as high as level 35.


Why should I capture buildings?

Capturing buildings is key, as doing so will boost your fieldable CPs, reduce your enemy’s fieldable CPs, and provide you with plunder as your troops pillage captured buildings.


How do I capture buildings?

Stand next to the building with a ground-based unit. You won’t be able to capture a building when an enemy unit is standing nearby.


I captured a building but it’s burning!

This is normal. Most buildings will slowly burn to the ground as you pillage them for resources.


Do I need to wait until buildings burn down to get full plunder?

In short – no. In quests, once you’ve captured a building, you’re set. If you finish the quest, the building will automatically finish pillaging. In PvP, the longer you maintain control of a building, the more resources you will pillage from the building.


What means active or inactive nations status?

Although you may have up to 5 nations, you should be aware that only active nations will produce resources. When a nation is active, it will produce resources in small increments every tick. Ticks happen approximately every 15 minutes.

In order to activate a nation, you will have to actively do something with that nation in terms of battling. Basically, you get 12 hours of ticks per battling action.

You can store up to a total of 7 days worth of ticks at any given time. If you are offline more than 3 days, you only get those 3 days worth of ticks all at once though.


Can other players attack me while I’m offline?

A player’s city is always safe from attack when the player is offline. However, the extra territories a player collects may or may not be protected, depending on their type. A wilderness territory has the potential to produce many resources, but can also be raided by other players whether its owner is online or not. A safelands territory produces fewer resources, but is safe from attack. A player may station troops in a territory’s keep for additional defense during a raid. Even if the player is offline, these units will deploy to fight the enemy.


Which information are presented at the spell cards?

Rank: For each copy of the card you have, you can stack them into a higher ranked spell.

CP: The amount of CP the spell costs to deploy at each specific rank.

Effect: The effect of the spell at each specific rank.

GF Cost: The amount of God Favor it costs each time the spell is used.

Warm: The amount of time you must wait between deploying the spell and casting it.

Cool: The amount of time you must wait after casting the spell to cast it again.


Which information are presented at the troop cards?

Rarity – All cards have a ‘rarity’, that is to say, how frequently you will come across them in booster packs (common, uncommon and rare).

Class(es) – Troops can have various classes: Infantry, Ranged, Mounted, Siege and Flying. Some troops have bonuses against certain classes. The Human Archers, for example, gain a bonus when fighting flying units.

Equipment – These icons tell you what kinds of items a troop can use.

CP – Command Points: How many CP are used per troop. A unit may only have up to 30 CP total, and creating the unit itself costs 5 CP. If a troop has 1 CP, you will be able to fit 25 of them in a single unit.

AR – Attack Rating: Determines the likelihood of each attack the troop makes successfully hitting its target.

DR -Defense Rating: Determines the likelihood of a troop successfully defending against an attack. In battle, you will see DR(m) and DR(r) for defense against Melee and Ranged attacks, respectively.

HP – Hit Points: The amount of life a troop has. More HP means a troop can take more damage before either being wounded or dying.

DMG – Damage: The range of damage in hit points that a successful attack will inflict.

Range: The maximum distance at which a ranged unit is able to attack in game meters.

Stamina: Determines how long a troop can run or fight without slowing.

Speed: Determines the speed at which the troop moves.

Morale: Determines the likelihood of a troop fleeing battle, beyond a commander’s control

S/A – Strikes per Attack: Number of targets potentially affected by each attack the troop makes.

Att/S – Attacks per Second: Describes the frequency of attack for the troop.

Res – Resurrection cost: The amount of gold  you would spend to resurrect the
unit from your graveyard when it is dead.

Special – Each unit also possesses its own special abilities. Some units have passive abilities, which always influence their stats in battle. Otherwise, units’ abilities take effect only when activated in battle.


Which kind of troops and spells can I use?

Every faction has exclusive troops and spells that cannot be used by any of the other factions. All factions also have access to ‘neutral’ troops and spells, consisting mostly of human warriors and siege weapons.


What are the advantages of a wilderness territory?

Any additional territories improve your nation’s strength both economically and militarily.

On a wilderness territory you will be able to construct more buildings. Furthermore your maximum peasant population will increase by 50 for each territory.

Another advantage is that you can only build the very valuable Mana Shared Mines on wilderness territories . Mana shards are a necessary resource for raid battles.


How do I get a wilderness territory?

Any additional territories (that is to say, any territory that isn’t your City Territory) can be converted into a wilderness territory by first building a Keep in that territory. In the keep you’ll find the button “move territory to wilderness”. After that you can also remove the territory back to a save territory at any time.


I finished a territory quest, but where’s my new territory?

Territories can be accessed from the brown compass-rose banner in the Domain screen.

Some territory quests have two parts: a portal (short quest that you pay money for) and a battle (the hard part). The portal quests are easy, that way you don’t have to worry about paying a fee for every attempt at the territory quest. You will only receive the territory after beating the battle portion.


How do I gain more territory?

Through territory quests. These appear at levels 6, 13, 17 and 20. Some of these quests have pre-requisites, for example, the level 6 territory quest requires that you have beaten 5 bronze quests and 1 silver quest before you can attempt it.

Spells & Troops


Why can’t I see my cards?

Cards are shared between the nations of an account. If you play with more than one nation, you’ll need to be aware of this. If you have, say, 25 Human Archers that you’d like to use with both of your nations, the easiest solution is to modify a unit down to 0 (Don’t disband it! you’ll lose experience), and then create a unit in the other nation.

When you want to go back and play as the first nation, repeat the process in reverse.


How do I add troops to a unit?

You can add troops to a unit by selecting that unit in ‘Army Management’ and clicking the ‘Modify’ button. In the modify screen, you can click the + and – symbols to modify the number of troops in that unit.


Why does my unit only show 1/1 troops?

If, when you click modify, you aren’t able to add more troops, there are several possible causes: Each card represents 1 troop. You may need to acquire more by purchasing boosters or using the market. If you already have more troops, but they seem to have disappeared, try the Graveyard at the Temple to resurrect them. It may be that you’ve run out of field able CP. If your army size has reached its maximum, you may need to reduce other units or wait until you level up to add these troops to your unit. Some troops are so large that a single troop constitutes a full unit, such as dragons or behemoths (any troop costing 13 CP or more).


How can my spells gain rank?

Spell rank can be increased with additional copies of the same spell card. If I have 3 fireball spell cards, I can create a Fireball spell in Army Management, and hit ‘Modify’ followed by + and – to adjust the rank. I could make a rank 3 Fireball spell with 3 cards. Spells do not gain experience like units do.


Is there a limit to how high my units can level up?

At present, a unit can reach as high as level 10. It can continue to gain experience after reaching level 10, but this has no effect on the unit. (other than helping to level it up faster if/when the level cap is raised)

Units can continue to increase in strength by equipping more powerful items


Help! My troops died! Are they gone forever?!?!?!?

Most of the time if a unit is defeated in battle, it will only be injured, and will be ready to go as soon as you start your next battle. Those that have died, however, are not gone, they just need to be resurrected. This can be performed from the Temple’s Graveyard. The only cost for resurrection is gold.

You can reduce the percentage of troops that die with upgrades in the University.


Where can I trade troops, spells and resources?

Buying, selling, and trading take place at the market. Accessing the market, allowing you to trade troops, spells and resources with other players, as well as purchasing resources and common troops for fixed prices. You can also access the Item Shop, which allows you to buy, sell and enchant items.


I bought troops but I can’t find them!

All market transactions will be retrieved in the building “Carrier Pigeon Roost”, such as purchased resources and troops. Mail from other players is sent and received here, too. You can even attach troops and resources to messages, if you like.

Building & Resources


I tried to build a building, but it isn’t making progress.

Building construction takes a while. If you sit in the Domain Mode screen staring at your kingdom, you won’t see the progress as it happens. Go out and do a few quests, and you’ll see progress when you get back.


How long is a day in SAGA? Do I only get resources once a day?

A day in SAGA is equivalent to a day in real life (24 hours).

The resources that you gain (shown on the status screen) are added throughout the day in small increments. The increments take place in 15 minute “ticks”, at each tick you’ll receive a small portion of your resources (To find out what that amount is, take the daily production of your resource, divide it by 96).


I build production buildings but I gain no resources!

Make sure you’ve assigned peasants to the production buildings in Peasant Management.


How can I gain more peasants?

Peasants can be acquired in two ways: Firstly, the peasant population will slowly increase each day based on Peasant happiness (you can gain up to 4 peasants a day this way). Secondly, if you capture houses in quests (or some PvP battles), you can gain peasants.

A good example of this would be the Lumber Raid or Kill the Beast quests (you will gain 1 peasant for every few houses you capture)


Why I can’t gain further peasants?

As a nation, you can have a base peasant population of up to 100. As you gain additional territories, your maximum peasant population will increase by 50.


How can I harvest mana shards

There are two ways to harvest mana shards.

The first way to gather mana shards is to simply mine them from the land itself. Mana Shard Mines can only be built on wilderness territories. even if the Build menu shows the Mana Shard Mine in color, you need a purple build location to build one. It is not necessary to assign peasants to gather these resources, as with gold or stone; they are automatically harvested.

The other, more effective method is pitting your forces against other commanders’ armies in a PvP conflict through battles and territory raids.


What are mana shards good for?

Mana shards can be used to conduct raids on enemy territories. The other use of mana shards is enchanting items. There is no question of the usefulness of mana shards; the key is gathering and using them effectively.

Support & Technique


What are the system requirements for SAGA?

OS: Windows XP
CPU: 1.6 GHz
RAM: 512 Mb (1-player), 1 Gb (multiplayer)
VIDEO: 128 Mb, pixel-shader 2.0 (or will not render trees and grass), must support OpenGL 1.4
Disk Space: 1.5 Gb
DirectX: 9.0c
Broadband internet connection required
OS: Windows XP
CPU: 2.8 GHz
RAM: 2 Gb
VIDEO: 512Mb, pixel shader 4.0 support, must support OpenGL 1.4
Disk Space: 1.5 Gb
DirectX: 9.0c
Broadband internet connection required